“one of those things”

In a few days we’ll be in Arizona!!  I’m excited, as are Adrian and Dylan.  Adrian is convinced we’re going to walk all the way there though, for some reason he thinks we’re not flying.  Not sure what’s up with that…haha 🙂  Dylan will leave early Monday am, and Adrian and I go after work on Tuesday.  At least Adrian will have his own seat this time, so I’m sure the flight will be fine.  We’re both pretty experienced fliers by now 😉

Yesterday I took Adrian and Julian to Grant Park via bike.  It was somewhat of a hilly ride pulling 60 lbs behind me, but we had fun.  We had a picnic lunch and the boys played in the fountain there with some friends of ours in undies 🙂  As we were getting ready to leave I took off Adrian’s wet underwear so he could dry of in the sun.  A young girl, maybe 8 years old or so came up and said, “she has one of those things?!”, pointing at Adrian’s penis.  I said, “yes, he has a penis”, and she kept going on about how this girl had “one of those things”.  It was kind of funny, but she really just didn’t get it that he was a boy (she mentioned something about how his long hair must mean he’s a girl).  There wasn’t any parent around that intervened in the conversation, so I really didn’t know what to say.  When it’s a child I know I feel able to have a conversation about sexuality, etc., but it’s not really my place when it’s a child I’ve never met before.  It can be a kind of touchy subject, you know ;).  Anyway, it was kind of funny.  And Adrian loved playing with 6-year-old Raina.  I love how much he adores older kids…

Tomorrow we have a busy day ahead of us.  We’re going blackberry and apple picking in the morning, making applesauce all afternoon, and watching Lilah, Linus, and Linus’s half-brother Nicholas in the evening.  Wish me luck!

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August 2008

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