Don’t talk to me about it

Adrian is always coming up with funny new words and phrases for things.  Recently he started saying “don’t talk to me about it” to almost everything!  It started out one day when I asked him if he wanted to go potty, and that was the response I got.  Now he says it all the time!  I guess he learned quickly that I will indeed stop talking about something when he asks, so he’s taking it full force!  Kind of cute, kind of annoying too.  But I am glad he his learning more about using his words to get across his needs, instead of resorting to violence (which he doesn’t really do that much) or tantruming (which goes on and off in it’s frequency).  He does get angry easily, which I’m sure he acquired from his father.  That’s proof to me that anger is genetic!

We’re leaving for Arizona in a week 🙂  Well, Dylan leaves on Monday early morning, and Adrian and I come down Tuesday evening so we can squeeze in two days of work before we head off.  I’m looking forward to the trip.  Dylan will be meeting with NAU to see if he really does want to go into the forestry program there.  We might go check out the deer farm:  It looks really cool, and I’m sure Adrian will LOVE it!

So I’ve been reading the book “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan lately and really like it.  I love the science behind things too, so even that scientific history behind the food we eat was interesting.  It is getting very depressing, though, that eating real food is so hard to do in our society.  The fact that I was raised partly on Hamburger Helper and Rice-a-Roni doesn’t help much either…  Now I see why my mom resorted to these cheap food products though, they are a: cheap and 2: fast/easy to prepare.  Not that that makes for a healthy meal, but it does reduce so much of the stress revolving around meal preparation.  One thing I am always glad for though growing up is that we always, always, sat down at the table together for a family dinner together.  How many people can say that anymore?  Dylan, Adrian and I still honor that tradition, usually for breakfast together as well.  Eating dinner together with my family is one of the happiest times of my day, every day 🙂

But back to my rant about eating real food.  It is so hard to eat high quality food when you don’t have any money to buy it!  We hardly have even enough to buy anything to eat, let alone local, organic, fresh fruits and vegetables.  Since I have been living on my own I have definitely never been as broke as we are now, and yet I know there are so many people around living on so much less.  Summer is the time to buy fresh foods in bulk and store them for later when they would be more expensive and not as fresh, but we just don’t have the money to do it right now.  It’s making me pretty upset, actually, that I can’t feed my family the way I want to.  Don’t get me wrong now, we are still surviving and there is still food in our cupboards and fridge, just not much.  I thank god for our CSA every week when we pick up our fresh produce and the best eggs I have ever had!  We are starting to enjoy our raw milk too.  Another thing that got to me was reading an article about irradiation of foods, and how products aren’t even required to label that they are irradiated!  So not only are we eating foods blasted with radiation, but there’s not even a safe way to affordably get around it :/

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