Nurser Log

We went camping out at Timothy Lake again yesterday and today with my mom and Ed. It was fun, and Adrian had a great time playing in the woods and throwing Lexi’s stick for her. Today Adrian and I were walking through the forest and we saw a nurse log. You know, one of those fallen trees that little plants and new trees grow on. I explained to Adrian that it was called a ‘nurse log’ and how cool it is. When we went back to camp, Adrian ran up to Dylan and Nana saying, “we found a nurser log!”. It was pretty cute 🙂 Adrian also had a great time sweeping up dirt into a dustpan and dumping it into a bowl, then sitting down to lick the dustpan clean. Yep, he licked the dirt right off! It was funny and he was a filthy mess afterward 😉

So the next few weeks are going to be pretty busy for us. Well, for Dylan really. Next weekend Dylan will be in camping in WA with Scott, the next week we’ll be in Arizona, then the weekend after that Dylan will be in New Mexico for his cousin’s wedding. Then we’ll finally have a weekend home together again. That was a large part of the reason we only went camping for one night, instead of two this weekend. We did stay the whole day today though and left after dinner, which was nice. We went on a hike this morning to Little Crater Lake. It is an amazing little pool sprung by an artisan spring. It is 45 feet deep and 34 degrees cold. Freezing! Absolutely beautiful though. I got these pictures off Google Images:

It was insanely blue and you could see all the way to the bottom, just like in the pictures. When we were there today the color looked just like the one in the bottom picture. So cool! Needless to say, it was cold enough that we did not go swimming in it.

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August 2008

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