Lima beans

I found out tonight that Adrian loves lima beans.  He ate all of his at dinner tonight and all of mine too, then asked for more!  What a keeper of a kid!

I’ve been thinking the past few weeks that Adrian and I have the perfect attachment relationship, to use the words of Gordon Neufeld.  He is very attached to me in an incredibly healthy way, and I to him.  He randomly gives me hugs and kisses now and frequently tells me “hold on to me, mama”.  I love it when he says that, just makes my heart melt 🙂  When he wakes up from naps, which has always been a difficult transition for him, he calls out “don’t!  don’t mama!”, and when I ask him “don’t what?”, he says “don’t leave me”.  Very sad, yet very sweet at the same time.  When he is not needing to be held or played with, he is a very independent little child.  He makes his own games, is developing a wild imagination, plays on his own for very long periods of time and doesn’t need me around at all.  Of course I am though 🙂  I absolutely love the fact that we are almost never separated and am fortunate enough to have family around to play with him when I do need a break.  We are close enough that I frequently know what he needs without him telling me, down to the point of I can sense when he needs to pee or poop before he even shows any signals.

We went camping this weekend with the Green Parenting Group at the coast.  Just Adrian and I, as Dylan had Poekoelan camp.  It was a great time, Adrian and I both had a blast.  Not difficult at all, either, without Dylan, I’m sure because I had the support of all the other wonderful parents there.  What a relief it was to be with a group of parents for the weekend who believe in the same parenting techniques that I do.  I didn’t have to worry about people yelling at their kids or ordering them around, being disrespectful, talking about things I completely disagree with, etc.  Overall a good time 🙂

This last picture courtesy of Ellen 🙂

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