So kind of a lot has happened since the last time I wrote.  It’s been a while because I cut my finger last weekend and typing has been difficult :/  I was just slicing up a tomato for our salad and my ring finger got in the way, right underneath the knife.  Darn that finger!  I thought it was really bad at first, but now that it’s been a week I realize it wasn’t so bad.  I cut off only half of the tip of my finger.  It bled a lot, but never really hurt as bad as I thought it would.  It still hurts a ton when I bump it though…  Overall it’s healing really fast and I think will be bandaid-free in another week.

Camping last weekend was a most wonderful time 🙂  Adrian was able to run around all day naked playing in the dirt, so he really liked that of course.  We ended up cleaning his penis a lot, but other than that he was just a dirty little boy all weekend 🙂  On the way home we stopped by Frog Lake to hopefully see some frogs or tadpoles, but no such luck.  It was kind of a drizzly day, and the only animals we saw were a dead salamander and 5 or 6 dead tadpoles.  Pretty disappointing!

On Friday we started the 100 Day Challenge at RawFu to eat raw foods for the next 100 days.  We are trying for one raw meal a day.  On Friday we made smoothies in the morning that were not very good, but did make a sustaining breakfast.  Saturday night I made a salad and some spinach pesto pasta with zucchini as noodles which was pretty tasty.  Both Dylan and Scott really liked it, I thought it was a little plain.  Today we only had some snacks that were raw as we really really need to buy some more fresh produce.  It is definitely hard to eat raw food when you don’t have any fruit!  Really though I am pretty excited for the challenge and looking forward to learning about all the different ways to make raw meals.

And one last thing before I go.  Dylan’s friend Scott was staying with us this weekend today from Seattle, and Adrian for some reason was obsessed with him!  Everything Adrian did he wanted Uncle Scott to help him with and do with him.  They danced together, ate together, played potato head and play-doh together, rode bikes together…it was very cute.  Everything Dylan and I normally do with Adrian he now demanded to be done with Uncle Scott instead.  It was kind of nice for me too, a little break!

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