It’s off to the woods we go…

We’re going camping today!!!  Yay!!  Adrian and I are both so excited 🙂  Dylan’s already there, he went up yesterday with my mom, brother, and Lexi the dog.  Adrian and I are coming up with Ellen and her bf after Linna’s today.  How exciting!

Yesterday, Adrian and I had an interesting experience at Fred Meyer’s.  For one thing, I didn’t have any water for him with me, since he usually just throws it on the ground and then cries for it and it becomes a huge deal for the whole trip.  Well yesterday he just wanted water the whole time.  So we had to go trek through the store, looking for the only water fountain up on the second floor behind a bunch of construction stuff.  But we got him a drink.  Then we come back down and start to get some produce.  As we’re looking at the pears, Adrian starts begging for one.  It’s dinner time and we hadn’t eaten yet so he was hungry.  I gave him a pear to hold on to and start eating.  We have never ever had a problem before with him taking a few bites out of a piece of fruit while we’re shopping.  So as Adrian’s crying “I need a pear…!”, I confirm, saying, “you would like a pear to eat?” and hand him a pear.  Then this lady standing next to me says, “You know you have to pay for that first, right?”  And I said, “yeah, I do”.  Then she started rambling to herself “oh of course you do…” and I very kindly say “The store has never had a problem before with him taking a few bites before we get to the cash register”.  Which she accepts and wanders away looking puzzled.  It was quite interesting.  Then I was thinking this morning, at the local stores, like People’s and New Seasons, they actively encourage Adrian to eat the fruit before we’re done shopping.  Too bad they’re just so expensive too!

See you after camping!

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