A new record

On Friday Dylan took Adrian to the lake to spend a day at our big family campout, which we didn’t go to.  The boys rode up there with Shanna, Creston, and Tabor for the day, then came back home after dinner and the campfire.  I went to work and spent a lovely day with Linna and Ethan.  What all this means to Adrian and I, is that for the first time we were apart from each other for an entire day!  I left for work at 9:30, and he came home just after 10:00 pm, that’s 12 1/2 hours!!!  Probably twice as long as we’ve ever been apart before.  We both really enjoyed ourselves that day.  Adrian had a blast at the lake and campsite with his daddy, and I had a good time snuggling a lot with Linna then with the evening to myself.  Adrian was sleeping when he got home of course, but somehow managed to nurse right away…then over the next two days certainly made up for lost nursing time!  He was very cute though 😉

Today Linna came over to Julian’s with us for the day and it has been a lot of fun for all three kids.  Adrian started jumping up and down when he saw Linna get here, and squeelled (how do you spell that, anyway?) with joy to get to play with both of his friends together.  After we’re done at Julian’s, Adrian and Linna will ride in the bike trailer together over to our place for another two hours, which Adrian is also incredibly excited about.  He loves having friends come over to his house, and it’s a pretty special treat for Linna to be at our house instead of us over there.  It’s so much fun to see him get excited about things, I just love it!

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