At the Fair

Dylan, Adrian and I went to the Oregon Country Fair yesterday.  As before, we had a great time!  That is just such a magical and fun place I find myself looking forward to next year’s the minute I get home from the current one!  We met up with Lilah and Linus, who we used to nanny, and their parents.  Adrian had been talking all week about how “on Friday, we go to the country fair and see Lilah!!!”  So, needless to say, he was thrilled when we finally got there and saw Lilah 🙂  While at the fair, Adrian learned how to hula-hoop, LOVED looking at all the tall people (on stilts), enjoyed ice cream (vegan) for the first time, took a nap in the stroller even through all the commotion, and peed in the urinal in the outhouse twice!  It was a very eventful day and lots of fun.

Today Creston (3), Tabor (1), and Dan (25) had a joint birthday party at the park.  At one point Adrian and Creston started fighting over something, and it looked as through Creston was about to hit Adrian with this plastic baseball bat.  So I walked over just in time and said to Creston, “it looks like you’re angry at Adrian”, to which he replied quite huffily, “yes!”.  Me: “how come?” Creston: “I don’t know.” Me: “you don’t know?” Creston: “Well, I want to teach Adrian how to swing the bat”, at which point I found out by asking Adrian  that he didn’t want to swing the bat, but would be okay playing with another plastic bat identical to the one in Creston’s hand, which seemed to please both of them.  It made me start to think though about the assumptions we make about children.  Had I made the wrong assumption about Creston and hadn’t stopped to talk with him and see what was bothering him, I never would have learned that he just wanted to show Adrian how to play baseball.  Just by allowing him to express his anger to me and showing him that I understood, while also mediating the conversation between Adrian and Creston, I was able to completely divert a potentially violent situation and change it into two very happy little boys.  It is times like these when I am so grateful for the skills in problem solving and non-violent communication that I know.  I also had a little audience, too, which was also really great to show others how well this process works!

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