On the slide

After work today Adrian and I went to the open swim session at Creston pool.  We both had a lot of fun and were pooped by the end of it!  There is a little slide in the shallow section where the kids can go down on their own.  After showing Adrian where to go the first time, he was all about standing in line and going up the stairs and down the slide on his own.  I was waiting at the bottom of course.  This was great because it gave him a huge sense of independence while providing a lot of fun and a great learning experience.  Adrian is really great at standing in line and taking turns, but he doesn’t like it when people stand in line behind him.  For some reason he always wants to be last.  He hasn’t quite figured out yet that this means he sometimes greatly delays his turn.  Or maybe he just doesn’t care.  So the first few times Adrian got into line on his own and tried to go behind the kids who lined up behind him (ie: give up his spot to be last) I went over there and helped him stand in line and keep his spot.  The other kids were generally great about it.  Then after a few times of this, I decided I would just let Adrian do it his own way.  So for several minutes he would stand in line, then back out and wait until he could be last again.  Then more kids would line up and he’d back out.  After this happened a few times some of the 5, 6, 7 year old girls caught on to Adrian and helped guide him into line.  It was very cute.  Then after that Adrian just stayed in line when kids lined up behind him!  He was definitely the littelist kid in line most of the time and it was adorable watching him interact with all these bigger kids.  He does love older children.

The downside of the day though, is that Adrian’s sandals got stolen while we were at the pool.  They were in the locker room, with my stuff, inside the diaper bag in a locker.  Not locked, as we were only gone for 45 minutes and I just didn’t think it would be an issue.  Apparently it was.  His little Teva’s were the only sandals he had that fit.  I was so mad, and so upset too.  Why would someone steal little kids shoes?  I think being mad about that wore me out even more than all that bike riding in the hot sun, swimming, and chasing after little kids all day.  So I’m going to bed now.

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