Adrian’s first sucker

Adrian and I rode our bike to the bank a few days ago and they always have little bowls of hard candy sitting on the counter there.  Once several months ago I let Adrian have a lick of one of the candies I got there, and ever since then he always tries to get candy when we go into the bank.  So on Wednesday when we were there Adrian snatched up a little dum-dum and DID NOT want to let it go.  So we put it in his sweater pocket until we got home, which by then he had forgotten about it.  Apparently I did too, because he found it in his pocket on Thursday!  Not only that but he demanded on eating it.  So we sat together and very kindly shared his sucker–he took a lick, I took a lick, he took a lick, I took a lick and so on.  Adrian was in charge of holding on to the sucker and he was very considerate with making sure we both got licks.  Until we got almost halfway through, then he started being more possessive and wanting to double lick.  And when I pointed that out to him he wanted to keep it to himself even more!  Eventually it reached a point where the farther we got through the sucker, the more he was willing to share with me.  Then it broke in half and he got half and I got half.

It was very interesting, though, this change that occurred halfway through.  I guess it is part of human nature to be greedy and want to keep things to yourself.  Which brings me to the point of where do kids learn things from sometimes?  On a totally different subject but somewhat related as well, Adrian loves looking for bugs and digging for worms.  Only now he wants to hurt them!  No one has ever been mean to bugs or worms like that in front of Adrian, not even the 5 and 6 year olds he’s friends with.  Yet somehow Adrian decided it would be fun to cut worms in half and squish ants…where did that come from?  Is it really just part of his innate boy-ness?  I don’t know.

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June 2008

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