We took Adrian to see the Rose Festival fireworks on Friday night.  It was a late night for him, but it was well worth it because he was in complete and utter awe over them.  It was so cute.  Shanna, Dan, Creston, and Tabor went with us too.  We brought some adult drinks with us (hehe) which was kind of nice for a change.  We then all went back to Shanna’s to drink and hang out together for the late evening.  Well, Dylan, Adrian and I ended up staying the night!  The funny thing was, we all woke up in the morning like it was completely normal and something we do all the time.  We also all woke up with mighty headaches though too…

We also finally got to use this weekend the bike trailer we got for Adrian!  He loves it!  We rode our bike/trailer down to the fireworks on Friday, then to Lilah’s birthday party today and Adrian really seemed to enjoy it.  I don’t know if he likes it any more than his bike seat, but I’m glad that he likes the trailer in general.  We’ll still probably use his seat for most of the summer though because I like having him so close to me.  And it’s cute 🙂

While we were at Lilah’s birthday party today, someone said something to his daughter that made me fume.  Everyone at the party was just about to get cupcakes to frost and sprinkle ourselves.  A little girl, probably about 4 years old, that Adrian had been playing with earlier was sitting on the floor next to me, crying.  Then I heard her dad say to her “Well, you can have a cupcake but no frosting on it because you peed your pants!” which of course made her cry even more.  It made me so mad to hear someone being so disrespectful to his child.  I don’t usually do anything when I see things like this because I feel like it’s not my place, but then
I thought that if no one ever says anything, is it just confirming his belief that he is right, that this is okay?  It is all so frustrating to me.

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