Playing Pretend and other stuff

I might have mentioned some time before how Adrian and Linna love to play pretend with each other, but now Adrian pretends a lot! It is so cute!!! One of his favorite things right now is to make juice with whatever he can find that looks like a juicer. He’ll come up to me and ask me for a cup, and I’ll go get him one. Then he’ll ask me for an apple, and I’ll hold out my empty hand with an “apple” in it, which he’ll gladly “take” from me. Then sometimes he’ll ask for a knife to cut the apple, so I give him another pretend knife with which he’ll cut his pretend apple. Then he’ll stick the apple in the juicer and bring me a cup full of juice and we’ll drink it together! The whole process is just amazing and says a lot about Adrian’s brain development. You can just see his brain working sometimes when you ask him a question. He’ll sit there for a few long seconds, literally trying to figure it out before responding. I love it!

We spent the last weekend in Bend with Ryan and Corey. We all had a great time, despite the rainy weather. We went to the Modest Mouse concert at the amphitheater there, and even Adrian enjoyed it 🙂 He was kind of running around like a mad-man, making fans in the beer garden. Then we rode our bikes home in the dark, and he thought that was pretty cool too.

While we were in Bend we stopped at a bike store and Adrian tried out this new kind of bike, called a balance bike.

It has no pedals so the kids learn how to balance first, then when he gets old enough Adrian can go straight to a big two-wheeler bike without training wheels.  He tried it out in the store and loved it!  Norma’s going to get it for his birthday, so we’re pretty excited 🙂

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