“Gumma gumma”

Oh what to say…I always feel like there is so much I need to write, yet when I sit down to actually do it I can’t remember anything!  We finally got signed up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) for this summer.  A little late, but we’re in!  Starting in mid-June we’ll get to go to the urban farm on 44th and Bybee to pick up our share of vegetables for the next 22 weeks, all pre-paid for.  It is an excellent way to get our veggies in without paying a fortune, all while supporting our local farmers and being connected to our food source.  We’re very excited about this over here.

One of Adrian’s favorite things to do right now is to make up some word or sound, such as “gumma gumma”, “eebie deebie”, “boodie bodie”… and say it over and over again in a game.  He’s especially fond of doing this when I ask him to do something–brush teeth, go potty, wash hands, get jammies on, etc.  He’ll say, “NO! I want to play gumma gumma!”  It’s kind of funny actually.  I’ll just remind him that he can play “gumma gumma” and get jammies on at the same time, and that usually settles it.  He’ll frequently go through a whole string of phrases at night when we’re going to bed.  Sometimes it’s anything to stall!

Adrian is also getting much more articulate in his language skills.  He’ll now put several complete sentences together.  Like tonight when I was bugging him he said “No mama!  I don’t like that.  Don’t touch my armpit.”  It seems pretty impressive to me for a not-yet-2-year-old.  What can I say, he’s a smart kid!  He did come from me, after all 😉

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