Here’s wishing for a good night’s sleep…

It is 11:22 at night and I am wide awake, listening to the TV from the guy downstairs.  I can almost hear every word when I lie in bed.  Or on the couch.  Or the bathroom.  Anywhere.  Almost all day long.  And all night long.  It is really starting to drive me nuts.  Doesn’t he have anything better to do?  Why does he have to have the TV on 24 hours a day?  And LOUD too?!  I have been trying to sleep since before 10, with no luck.  Just stirring around in bed.

I recently thought about getting earplugs, but I think that would make hearing Adrian a lot more difficult too.  Yes, he is right next to me, but it is much harder for him to fall back asleep after he’s really woken up than when he’s barely awake.  So I’m not so sure that would be a great idea.  I still may give it a try though.  For now I’m waiting for my Enya CD to import into the computer so I can take that into the bedroom to hopefully drown out some of the sound.  Dylan’s probably sleeping enough that he won’t even notice.   I used to listen to music on headphones sometimes at night at Mt. Holyoke when I couldn’t sleep, at least now I won’t have to have headphones on!  It is now 11:29 and I’m going to give it a try.  Night-night.

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