Undieways week

So this week Adrian is wearing underwear.  All week long.  Every day.  All day (except occasionally pull-ups).  This started yesterday, when we bought him some new underwear.  He was very excited to wear them when we got home.  So we put a pair on, then decided to go to the park with Shanna, Creston, and Tabor.  Adrian wore his undies and pants there.  When he wet his pants, he got so upset and had the grossest look on his face!  He spread his legs apart and pulled at his pants, saying “off mama, off mama”.  He clearly did not like the feeling of wet down his legs.  He was so excited about his undies though that we let him wear them the rest of the day, and he had the same response every time he peed in them.  He does use the potty sometimes, but not enough.  He’ll frequently go a few minutes after we get off of the potty (even after sitting on it for half an hour).

So we decided to make this week undies week.  We got Adrian some little pull-up diapers, that he calls his pull-up undies.  He wears those during naps and other times when it’s unrealistic for him to wear undies.  Then the rest of the time he wears his undies and pants.  Today we went through 5 or 6 pair, and he did poop in them twice.  But his reactions are so strong when he goes in his undies that I think he is becoming much more aware of when he goes to the bathroom.  Hopefully this will translate into him becoming much more aware *before* he actually goes, so he can get to the toilet in time.  We’re trying to make it like an immersion program into potty-training.  We’ll see how it goes!

Adrian is also getting much more into doing everything on his own.  I hear several time a day now “no mama” and “ober der mama (over there)”, meaning that he wants to do things all by himself.   He can even put his underwear on by himself, except for getting the back up over his buns.

Don’t forget that I got a new email address: aileahd at gmail .com.  My NAU one expires next week, since I’m no longer a student.  And I never use my Mt. Holyoke one, even though I believe I have it for life.

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