Into the Wild

Dylan and I went out last night and saw a movie. I think that’s the first time in over a year. We went to the Laurelhurst and saw Into the Wild; it was really good! For about the first 10 minutes or so I really had to get used to being in a theater. I kept having to adjust my eyes to the huge screen and thought several times “it’s too loud!”. But then I got used to it and really enjoyed the experience. The movie kind of got me thinking how I would really love to get back into that kind of easy-going, living day-to-day, no worries, out in nature lifestyle. I feel so stuck sometimes by our place in the city, a full-time job I actually care about and can’t cancel on, and this family to take care of. I guess I’ll just have to keep this dream alive and not forget about it, and one day we’ll be there. For now I’ll just have to do the best I can do take it easy and enjoy life as I have it.

Speaking of enjoyment, I love the way Adrian finds happiness in the littlest things. I have noticed that he likes to spend a lot of time on whatever it is he is doing, as if he is taking everything out of the experience that he can. I’ve been working hard lately on not pushing him or rushing him too much. I don’t want him to loose his interest in life and get caught up in the world of rushing that the rest of us are too accustomed too. So as much as possible I let him come along at his own pace, finish what he is doing before moving on to something else. This usually takes a lot of patience on my part. We were on a little walk the day before yesterday, and Adrian stopped to smell some flowers. They were very fragrant and smelled so nice! Once Adrian smelled one flower on the bush, he continued on to smell every single flower within reach of his nose on the bush. Maybe just in case one had a little different smell than another. Or maybe he liked the scent so much he couldn’t imagine smelling one and not the rest. I don’t know. We stood in front of that bush for several minutes while he checked out all the flowers. It was so very nice to think that he really does take the time to stop to smell the flowers. He doesn’t have a care in the world that would cause him to rush, or to hurry through something that he’s not done with yet. What a lovely reminder for me to remember to take time and slow down a bit.

Remember Adrian’s new blue shoes that he got last weekend?  He still will hardly take them off.  Last night he woke in the middle of the night saying “blue shoes…Adrian find new blue shoes…”  He was even dreaming about his shoes!  It was very cute 🙂

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