I was driving home from work today and saw a license plate that read “IHATE W”.  Pretty cool 🙂

Seems like Adrian has grown a lot in just the past week or so, as usual.  He has been walking around lately saying “happy birthday to you” to everyone, very cute!  Yesterday almost every time he saw Julian he would tell him happy birthday.  Today Adrian made friends with his monkey puppet.  He has this great puppet with a really long tail that he got for Christmas.  Actually looks like a real monkey.  Today Adrian brought it to Linna’s with us, and the whole way there he had his monkey on his hand and was holding a conversation with it.  He would actually move the monkey around as though it was talking!  The monkey said things like “have a good day”, “see you later”, and “happy birthday” of course.  The monkey gave Linna, Adrian, and I lots of hugs and kisses today.

Adrian has also been going potty on the toilet almost every morning.  A few days in a row last week he woke up with a dry diaper, so we started going straight into the bathroom and catching his morning pee.  It’s working!  We usually take off jammies and diapee in bed as soon as he wakes up then rush to the bathroom and he sits on the pot.  Within a minute or too he goes.  The first couple of times he was pretty excited about it and kept looking at it, saying “Adrian potty in toilet”.  You can tell he’s kind of proud of himself.  Sometimes he tries to go poo in the toilet too, but I think he really just has to relax more for that.  He’ll tell me he’s going poop, and then try really hard to push one out.  He gets his whole body into it, squinting his eyes and everything.  Then he says “Adrian poop?” and looks in the toilet to see if it’s there.  One of these days he’ll get it.

Adrian said several sentences today too where he referred to himself as “I” instead of “Adrian”.  My mom got him new blue shoes this weekend that he adores and wants to wear at all times.  The cool thing is that he can almost put them on by himself.  With a little more practice and some patience he’ll be able to do it.  He is getting better at helping put his own pants and socks on too.  This kid’s going to be 5 before we know it!

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