A Sick Week and Light-Saber Friday

This week has had a lot of sickness going around.  Dylan still wasn’t feeling great from his cold last week, which the baby and I are also still recovering from.  Adrian and I also have some sort of stomach bug that’s been making me uncomfortable and giving him diarrhea.  This afternoon my stomach started hurting so bad it was crazy!  Really cramping up and being incredibly bloated.  The only thing that seems to make it feel better is laying flat down.  Not much of an option with little kids to take care of :/  Julian was incredibly sick this week with a form of bronchitis, so we didn’t really watch him at all.  And today Linna started throwing up after art playgroup too, then stayed in bed all afternoon with a little fever.  All in one week.  I guess that’s better though than having it all spread out.  I was kind of bummed that I didn’t even get to take Adrian to do anything special on our days off, but I think I’m glad I was able to hang around home and rest a lot instead of chasing two babies around all week.  Hopefully by Monday we’ll all be cleared up again.

Dylan’s in Bend this weekend with Ryan, Corey, Scott, and mini-dog.  It’s kind of nice to have a weekend to myself and Adrian, but I do miss him a little.  We’ll have to plan a weekend coming up where Adrian and I can go too.  At Linna’s today Ethan (5 1/2) was playing with his light-saber (it was light-saber Friday!) and Adrian was enthralled by it.  Ethan was swinging it around, making a “swish, swish” sound.  Then he let Adrian have a turn.  Adrian also started swinging around the light-saber saying “swish swish” just like Ethan!  It was so cute!  I’m really glad that Adrian has Ethan to hang out with sometimes.  I think he really looks up to him like a big brother.  And Ethan’s so great with him too, it really makes me happy.  Hopefully they’ll get to hang out together a little more over the summer when Ethan doesn’t have school.

Well I think there was more I wanted to say today, but my stomach is causing me problems sitting up like this.  Oh yeah, check out this site too, it’s pretty great: www.impeachbushcards.com.

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