Massachusetts, here we come!!

It looks like we’ll be taking a trip to good ol’ Massachusetts this summer =)  I’m very excited to go back to my other home, I get jumpy just thinking about it!  Dylan’s Aunt Kelly lives on Cape Cod (actually, I think she lives in Providence, Rhode Island right now, which is just in from the Cape) and we’ll be going to spend some time with her and her family.  I think it will be around the middle of June.  Danielle will hopefully be able to make the trip over to meet up with us as well, and I need to call some of my other Mt. Holyoke pals to see if they’ll be up for a little reunion.  And I’ll get to see my ponies!!!  I wonder is Says Who will be around…actually, come to think of it, he might be at camp already by then.  Lani’s horses will still be there though, and that will be good enough for me 🙂  Can you tell I’m thrilled to be going back?  And if we like it there then Dylan might consider transferring schools to go somewhere in New England when he’s ready for his bachelor’s.  I do miss it there a lot…

Around here things are going well.  Adrian asked about Linna, Ethan, and Julian (all the kids we nanny) all weekend, wanting to go play with them.  He seemed sad/disappointed when I told him today that Julian is sick, so we actually won’t be going over to play with him tomorrow.  I think we’re going to try to make it to the Kennedy School Attachment Parenting playgroup though, so hopefully that will be fun.  If we like it I might try to start taking the boys there on Mondays, though we probably won’t be able to stay the whole time as it really cuts into lunch and naptimes.  We’ll just have to check it out a few times and see how it goes.  Adrian recently started putting a “-y” at the end of most of his words.  So now everything is like this: nursey, nappy, shoey, lunchy, walky, booky…you get the idea.  I don’t know why he started this, as we don’t add y’s to the end of what we say…it’s kind of cute, but it kind of sounds like he’s whining all the time now too.  Oh well, he’s only 1, right?

Adrian also drew all over the side of our new couch today with black ink pen.  Dylan was so angry!  He tried to wash it off with water, but it didn’t make much of a difference.  Lucky for us though, we bought an extra warranty on the couch for stainproofing, which means that the couch is guaranteed not to be stained by anything that goes into or comes out of a human or animal (ie: food, red wine, vomit, blood, etc.), ink, crayon, make-up, and a few other high-staining items.  It was $109 bucks for a 7-year warranty, so we took it.  I figured that Adrian will be 8 1/2 by then and we probably won’t have to worry about him staining the furniture so much.  So now all we have to do is call the warranty place in the morning and they will instruct us on how to remove the ink, and if that doesn’t work they’ll come out here and clean it themselves.  If that still doesn’t work, we’ll get a new couch.  Pretty crazy, huh?

Well I think it’s off to bed for me now, I’m looking forward to joining my little baby snuggled up all cozy and warm in our bed (with flannel sheets too!).

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