Am I really this smart?

Wow, this one will probably make you laugh.

Yesterday morning Adrian and I took a shower, and just as we were getting out I noticed that the water stopped draining.  I kind of felt around the drain with my finger, trying to see if there was a glob of hair or something blocking it, which there wasn’t.  Then I tried to look deeper into the drain, seeing if maybe one of Adrian’s balloons went down there and plugged it.  Nothing.  So I got out the mega-plunger and tried suctioning it out to no avail.  Tried putting more water in the tub to get better suction with the plunger, but still no luck.  Finally after getting all pissed off about the whole thing, that the drain in our apartment is already plugged up and we’ve only been living there two weeks, and we would have to call a plumber to come out and fix it, and we don’t have money for that, and on and on until I made myself forget it and go on with my day.  And that’s just what I did.

Until last night.  When I went to run a bath for Adrian and I.  And I saw that the drain was still clogged.  I was just about to get all pissed off again and knew that Adrian wouldn’t understand because he was already excited about his bath.  That’s when I noticed the problem.  The little flip was up that plugs the drain.  Yep, that was it.  Flipped the switch down and the water was gone in 3 seconds.  Way to go Aileah, you solved the problem without calling a plumber!  I sure am a keeper, aren’t I?

Note: The last two places we have lived had a plug for the bathtub that you manually plug it up with or pull it out.  Our new apartment has a flip that is up when plugged or down when draining.  Leave it to me to get confused about it!

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