Feeling guilty and shark update

Adrian has recently been into hitting people because he thinks it is funny.  I usually tell him “It hurts me (or whoever) when you hit me and I won’t let you hurt me” and remove one of us from the situation or give him something else to do or hit.  Most of the time this works fine.  Last night though, as I was putting Adrian to bed, he refused to stop hitting me.  I ended up leaving the room for a minute, and of course he got very upset.  After I came back in and he calmed down, he tried to hit me again.  I told him very firmly “That hurts mama when you hit me”.  Poor Adrian burst into tears, he was so upset that he caused me to hurt.  It was quite sad to witness 😦

I think that Adrian is growing up a lot right now.  He seems to have more complex emotions (such as guilt, despair, disappointment, etc) and has a much better memory.  He now remembers things we did more than a day ago and brings them up randomly.  For instance, we go to my friend Harmony and her daughter Sophia’s house every Friday for art playgroup.  Adrian and Linna really enjoy it every time.  As I was putting Adrian to bed both Saturday and Sunday nights, he told me that he had fun at Sophia’s house.  He also randomly asked last week to play with Linus and Lila, some friends of his we used to nanny and still babysit occasionally.  We hadn’t seen them for at least a week and a half.   Adrian also wakes up almost every day asking to play with Linna.  He sure loves his friends!

Oh yes, and I wanted to mention that Dylan’s attempts to kill our shark did not succeed (yay!!!).  The shark made the move and all the fish seem happy in their new home.  We also got a new couch this weekend.  It is very cozy.  I’ll put up pictures of it once I find the camera.  It looks a little big in our living room right now, but once we really get all settled in I think it will be nice.

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