At the pet store

We took Theo to an adoption event at a Petsmart in Vancouver tonight.  Pretty much there’s a bunch of people with the adoption agency, Second Chance, that are there to get publicity for their dogs and cats in need of adoption.  Dylan and I took turns sitting with Theo and walking (or running, as the case may be) around the store with Adrian.  We stayed for about an hour and a half.  There was another baby there too, probably about 6 months old, with both of his parents and a very calm dog.  This baby was in his car seat the entire time we were there.  He never once was picked up, even though at least one of his parents had an open set of arms the whole time.  In fact, I only saw him spoken to or acknowledged a couple of times.  He was rocked back and forth in his carseat when he fussed, but wasn’t even so much as looked at or spoken to.  And he was wide awake the entire time.

We wonder why children are obese in our society at such an early age.  When babies are taught to be lazy from the time they’re born, it’s no wonder they grow up fat.  I read something once when Creston was a baby that said it is not uncommon at all for infants to spend up to 4 hours or more in stationary seats, such as carseats, swings, bouncy seats, etc.  4 hours!  That’s insane!  And that is in addition to the amount of time they spend sleeping alone.  When are these babies getting held?  When do they get human interaction?  When do they get to move around and exercise their limbs, be babies?

On a separate note, Dylan tried to kill our shark today.  We were at the old apartment cleaning up and getting ready to bring our fish tank home.  Dylan took out the ship and the big rock structure that has lots of hiding places in it, then went to put the rock structure in the sink to clean it.  He started filling the sink with hot water, then came back to check in the tank to make sure all the fish were still there.  Why he didn’t do this part before, I don’t know.  The shark was not in the tank.  He was not in the sink.  He was not in the bag we just put the plants and the ship into.  We started freaking out a little, looking all over for our little sharkey.  Then I found him, flopping around on the kitchen floor in front of the fridge.  I picked him up and put him back in the tank, praying that he would come back to life.  At first he just sat there motionless in my hand, and I thought, oh great, now our shark is dead.  But then he started moving a little, and slowly made his way out of my hand and around the tank.  He was acting a little drunk.  We put the ship back in there and he found his way back to his hiding spot.  We decided to let him rest and hopefully recuperate for the night, and we’ll attempt the move again tomorrow. I hope tomorrow I’ll have good news to share about our shark.

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