We will officially be moving now the first weekend of February. Our new address will be 3336 SE 9th Ave, two blocks south of Powell. It is about a block away from Brooklyn Park, which will be nice, especially since the apartment is on the second level and there’s no yard at all there. Much to my dismay, we are in the process of looking for a new home for Theo. If you know of anyone who would make a good home for him, please let me know. The apartment is pretty much completely remodeled (or in the process of being!). All new carpets, linoleum, paint, stove, sink, doors, lights…plus eventually there will be a storage unit in the basement about the size of our large living room. I’m excited for that one! Moving will be a pain in the butt I’m sure, but at least we’ll be living in a mold-free home.

It seems like Adrian has been growing up so much lately. He is now very into figuring things out and wanting to help out even more. He is currently obsessed with zippers (Dylan’s yoga bag is a great one for him), trying to put on his own hat, socks, and shoes, and doing buckles (like his carseat). He also insists on feeding Julian (his friend that we nanny) his lunch by spoon. While all of these activities are great for him developmentally, they are very challenging for both of us at times! This week Adrian started calling me “mommy” a lot instead of “mama”. For some reason just that one change in word makes him seem so much older… He’s still my little baby though, and lets me know it too. For one thing, he insists on me holding his legs when he nurses, so he’s in the same position you would nurse a newborn in. And he always kisses me when I ask for one, though usually not until after he first tells me no. He’s sleeping right now, after an hour and a half of him climbing all over me in bed.

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