Looks like we’ll be moving again soon…

Well we’re on a serious search for a new apartment, though we’ve only been in this one since October.  What a bummer.  We’ve had a bunch of problems with mold in the apartment, as well as a bathroom floor that’s rotten and a dishwasher that is still broken.  Our landlord won’t fix the problems, so we’re getting out.  I think we found a cool little duplex in Sellwood though.  I turned in an app for it today, so we’ll see how it turns out.  And we would still get to keep the dog, which is good.

On another note, Dylan started school at Portland Community College today.  Not sure yet how he likes his classes, it’s so hard to tell on the first day.  He’ll be taking reading, writing, math, and photography.  It will be a busy term for him, but hopefully he’ll have fun with it.

Last night a few hours after Adrian went to bed, Dylan and I were sitting on the couch reading when we heard a loud crash come from the bedroom.  Of course we both flew up to go see Adrian lying on the floor next to the bed crying.  Poor baby!  But the good news is that he was not hurt at all.  I was a little concerned when I first picked him up and he pulled his left leg up to his chest (that’s the one that he broke before), but he must have just been afraid of it being hurt again.  In the 19 months that he’s been sleeping in our bed, that’s the only time he’s really fallen off.  He got an art easel for Christmas from my mom this weekend.  Since we’ve brought it home, he’s drawn with chalk on it almost the entire time he’s in the house.  He not only has drawn on his easel with chalk, but also on his body, the floor, the table, the dog…it’s a good thing chalk is so washable!

Sounds like it’s time to stop junking out and help Dylan with his homework…I’ll try to keep up with the updates.

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