Back home at last


We’re all back home now, safe and sound.  Adrian and I arrived last Sunday, and we went to the airport last night to pick up Dylan.  Adrian was really missing his dada after not seeing him for several days!  He would say things like “Adrian ready dada home” and “dada back? dada back?”.  So last night we let Adrian stay up for an hour or so past his bedtime to spend time with his daddy.  He mostly just sat around on Dylan’s lap, bringing different toys and books over.  He was pretty upset when it was time to leave his dad to go to bed, but then slept great with him in the bed again 🙂

Adrian had lots of fun in Arizona playing with his cousins.  I think he really enjoyed getting to hang out with the “big kids” all the time.  He even learned how to wink!  I put all the pictures onto my computer today too, so I’ll add a few on here for you to see.  And please please please pass on this blog to anyone you know who would want to see it too!  I got a letter in the mail today from Lindsey, it really made my day!  I hope all my friends from Mt. Holyoke are doing well and enjoying the start of a new year.  I’m going to keep this short today and get going now, I have a lot I want to get done while Adrian’s napping.  I managed to take all the Christmas stuff down yesterday and get it boxed up again.  Now if only I can bring myself to take a trip out to the storage unit…

Love you,



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