So it’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to visit a computer.  We’ve been in Arizona for the past week, since Friday evening.  It’s been a fun trip so far!  Adrian loved the plane ride down here.  We were somewhat concerned about it since it was right at his bedtime, but he just laughed and played and climbed all over us the whole two hours.  I was relieved!  We spent the first weekend in Flagstaff, which was nice to go back to where I used to live.  The weather was cold there, though it wasn’t snowing.  The only snow was about one foot on the ground, but it was really too crunchy for Adrian to play in much.  He did get out there for a while though.

 Adrian’s been having a great time playing with his cousins.  Almost every time he wakes up from night or naps he says “Adrian find Tristian?” and wants to go play.  Tristian is his almost 3-year-old cousin and they have been playing pretty much non-stop since we’ve been here.  He likes playing with  his 7 and 8 year old cousins too.  The weather in Phoenix is sunny and cold.  It’s great to see so much sun though!  Christmas was nice.  We spent time with Dylan’s grandma and the fam on Cristmas eve, then just at Jessi’s (Dylan’s sister where we’re staying) hanging out on Christmas day.  Adrian had fun opening some presents and got some neat toys. 

Right now I’m at Dylan’s parents house in Phoenix waiting for Dylan and his mom to come back with some food for me.  I’m hungry!  But that’s really no surprise, is it?  The baby is snoozing.  We went up to Prescott yesterday and spent the day and night up there with some friends.  It was really nice, just like old times when we used to hang out together.  They have a 9 year old boy too that loved playing with Adrian.  We tried to go disc golfing, but all turned into popsicles.  Adrian was saying the whole way back “Adrian popsicle, Adrian popsicle”.  It was very cute.  Especiallly because he made “popsicle” into three different words when he said it. 

 I would like to say that I’ll upload some pictures soon, but in reality it probably won’t be until next weekend when Dylan comes back with his computer and camera.  While Adrian and I come home on Saturday, Dylan won’t until the next Friday.  I’m glad he gets to stay for the extra week and spend more time with his family and friends.  Dylan’s Aunt Kelly and her partner are  here this week too from Massachusetts, which has been the highlight of his trip.  I think she’s his favorite relaive by far, and he has been incredibly excited to spend this time with her.  I think we’re going to go to the zoo together tomorrow, which will be nice.  I’m glad to get to hang out with her too 🙂

Well I think my food is pulling up so I’m going to end this.  But hopefully I’ll be back soon.  And with pictures too.

Until next time, Aileah

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  1. 1 Danielle December 31, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    Hey there- I was talking with Lindsey yesterday about her new job(s!) and we both miss you a lot. Its really great to hear about your life. Keep it up! And Happy New Year!

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