I see potty in the toilet…!

Adrian peed in the toilet today! For the past two months or so he will frequently tell when he has to pee or poo, and we’ll go rush to the toilet, hang out there for around half an hour or until I’m desperately ready to get up, and then within minutes of getting off the toilet he’ll go on the ground.  It’s largely a matter of being comfortable on the pot and learning how to relax enough to “let it go”.  This morning, as I was getting our shower ready, I suggested to Adrian that he sit on the toilet and go potty while the water gets warm.  We do this every morning, and he usually pops right back off the toilet and pees against the side of the tub.  Today though, he stayed on his little potty chair and peed in it!  You could tell he was working on letting the pee come out, because he had this look almost of concentration on his face while he was going.  It was very exciting for me!  That’s the first time he’s actually gone in the pot.

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